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    In July a friend of mine shared a link on my fb profile that she thought I’d be interested in. I’ve been a little bit obsessed with wings for the past year. This post I wrote in March explains why. So my friend shared a youtube video with some Christian guys discussing wing symbolism in the scriptures. Unfortunately, the video appears to no longer be available, so I can’t direct you to it. But it was fascinating. I’ll get back to this, but first I need to tell you about today.

    This morning I was awakened early, as usual, by my bladder (compressed by my 38-week-fetus). Shortly following a visit to the bathroom, I began feeling some suspiciously “real” contractions, so I couldn’t fall back to sleep. Suddenly I found myself mildly panicky. I woke up my husband and asked him for a blessing. It was very comforting. Though I don’t remember much of what he said, I do remember that I was told I was in God’s hands and that whenever the baby was born would be the right time.

    I have always loved to imagine being curled up in the hands of God. And, much the same, I have loved the image of being nestled safely within giant Divine wings. I have the following two images on display in my home…10922385_10152930729141900_3952345521177276150_oIMG_20150227_170300232

    Later in the afternoon, I asked my husband to do some guided imagery with me. I confess that I fell asleep (or went too deep to recall) for part of it, but there were two distinct images that pressed upon me during the time I was relaxed but aware. One of the images was of my wrists in shackles. Then the shackles transformed into these bracelets I have been wearing for about a week


    They are gifts and representations of the people who love and support me and are praying for me as I prepare to bring my baby earthside. Seeing the shackles transformed in imagery symbolized to me that I do not need to let my fears hold me back because I am loved and supported by many.

    DSC_0053The second image that pressed upon my mind was a flashback of a previous guided imagery experience. Last February, I was guided on a powerful journey the night before giving a speech. I won’t share all the details, but the image I recalled this morning was of Jesus draping a white scarf (with fringe on the edges) on top of my head. Until this morning I had completely forgotten about that imagery incident. But I had to smile when I did because last week I packed the bag I intend to bring to the birth center, and one of the items I felt impressed to put inside of it was a long white scarf with fringe on the ends.

    So… back to the scriptural discussion about wing symbolism. One of the fascinating things I learned from the video was that the word translated as “wings” throughout the Old Testament can also be translated as edge, border, corner (as of a garment). We read in Malachi 4:

    But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall (vs. 2).

    Here again we see the same word, signifying both wings and the edges/corners of his garments. In the New Testament, the primary language is Greek rather than Hebrew, but I find it fascinating that the woman with an issue of blood is healed by touching the fringe/border/hem “hanging down from the edge of the mantle or cloak” (Source) of Jesus Christ. As the prophets had testified, the Messiah quite literally had healing in His “wings.”

    So this afternoon it was a pleasure to put together all these pieces and realize that I have been and continue to be “under His wings.” It seemed a bit strange when I put my scarf in the birth-gear bag. Really? White? At a birth? But now it makes perfect sense.

    2012-03-12-issue-of-blood-tissotlord-prayer-art-lds-451512-printMy contractions have been coming off and on all day. I don’t know what this night will bring. Perhaps, as my sister said earlier, I will be getting the gift of Hope for Christmas? Perhaps she’s right. Hope is the “thing with feathers,” after all. ;-)

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