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    I’m so excited to share these beautiful photos from last July’s “Of One Heart and One Mind” Kundalini Yoga and Meditation workshop. The photos (with watermarks) were taken by my awesome sister-in-law Brooke Roundy (interspersed with much-less-awesome pics from my phone). She does maternity, birth, newborn, and family portraits in Utah as well. Totally check her out. I’m looking forward to having her photograph my upcoming birth!

    So our workshop happened on July 11, 2015 at the Sri Sri Rada Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, UT. I chose this location in part because it was the least pricey place I could find in UT county, large enough to accommodate all our guests, by far our most beautiful option, and able to provide a delicious vegetarian lunch on-site. Given our event’s theme of building bridges and promoting unity among diverse groups, it seemed like the perfect place. They are open every day to the public and provide tours, a shop full of authentic Indian goods, and an all-day vegetarian buffet for $5. Every year they also host a huge Festival of Colors attracting tens of thousands of people from all over the world.

    Our event was slightly less exuberant, but no less awesome. ;-) Some pics of the temple and grounds…


    DSC_7552 DSC_7763 DSC_7766 DSC_7637

    IMG_20150706_154042301DSC_7780 DSC_7769 DSC_7761

    IMG_20150706_151537117_HDR DSC_7632 DSC_7641

    Our event’s teachers included myself and four other Mormon Kundalini Yoga instructors: Felice Austin, Andy Rasmussen, Michelle Larsen, and Janice Madsen. Felice left before we took this pic at the end of the day…


    Some of my favorite pics from the day’s events…

    DSC_7598 DSC_7575 DSC_7567 DSC_7566 DSC_7559 DSC_7602 DSC_764411722505_10153365546946900_4486945655227682396_oDSC_7714 DSC_7708 DSC_7619 DSC_7618 DSC_7629 DSC_7692 DSC_7712 DSC_7682 DSC_7677 DSC_7672 DSC_7700DSC_7743 DSC_7736 DSC_7751 DSC_7651 DSC_7724 DSC_7726 DSC_772711540836_10153365550791900_6015567748533297625_oDSC_7764 DSC_7607 DSC_7746DSC_7758

    Aren’t they beautiful?!

    Sat Nam, dear ones.

    Brief video with footage of the event created by my talented friend Amber:

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  1. How lovely! I am so glad you shared these photos and the video. It warms my heart. I also had to smile when I saw your table full of books – I think I have almost all of those! :)

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