tgoglcoverThe Gift of Giving Life: Rediscovering the Divine Nature of Pregnancy and Birth, Felice Austin, Lani Axman, Heather Farrell, Robyn Allgood, and Sheridan Ripley

Pregnancy and childbirth are not to be feared; they are divinely appointed processes that can be joyful, spiritual, and bring families closer to God. The Gift of Giving Life: Rediscovering the Divine Nature of Pregnancy and Birth offers something that no other pregnancy book has before‚Äďa spiritual look at pregnancy and birth by and for LDS women and other women of faith. Through moving stories from women in the scriptures, women from early Latter-day Saint history, and dozens of modern mothers, The Gift of Giving Life assures readers that God cares deeply about the entire procreative process.

The Gift of Giving Life does not advocate for any one type of birth or approach to prenatal care, rather it intends to unify our families and communities in regard to the sacredness of birth. We also aim to provide you with resources, information, and inspiration that you may not have had access to all in one place before.

Topics covered include: constant nourishment, meditation, fear, pain, healing from loss, the physical and spiritual ties between the Atonement and childbirth, the role of the Relief Society in postpartum recovery and more. Birthing women, birth attendants, childbirth educators, and interested readers of all faiths are invited to rediscover within these pages the divinity and gift of giving life.

Essays and Articles

Her Words Meant Everything to Me, Ensign Magazine, March 2015
Finding My Voice, Scribbleweed, November 2013
Wherever She Is, Segullah: Writings by Latter-day Saint Women, August 2009
Don’t go along blindly with birth interventions, Deseret News, April 2007

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Choosing to Stay
This will be a book specifically for those contemplating suicide or struggling with their will to live. Particularly I am hoping to reach tweens, teens, and young adults like those in UT who are giving up in record numbers. I want to give them something to hold on to.

Please send me your story submissions at laniaxman at gmail dot com. And please spread the word on whatever groups, forums, and facebook pages you feel might generate interest. I will continue accepting stories as long as I am able. Thank you!

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