• When My Brother Chose to Live

    I can’t believe it will be ten years this November since my brother Steven and his wife Catheryn passed away. Steven would be turning 40 this November. It’s still surreal, even a decade later.

    This photo was taken the day they died

    This photo was taken the day they died


    StrawberryThey’re on my mind tonight because I’ve been working on the story of their boating accident as told by my surviving brother, Kimball. I am so glad he’s still alive. The following is a very condensed version of his experience at Strawberry Reservoir on November 8, 2006. I want to share it, in part, because it’s an inspiring story but also because I wanted to give you an idea of the length and amount of detail I am looking for in the stories I will include in my new book, Choosing to Stay. I feel impressed that I need to keep the stories to this length, so I am having to cut out quite a bit from most of them, but I am very careful to retain the author’s authentic experience and voice.


    Kimball's Story

    Kimball is now the father of two fabulous children. If you are interested in learning more about Kimball’s experience, he was interviewed for the show “I Survived” over a year ago. A video with clips from his interview is HERE.



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