• A Doula for Life Challenges

    Now that my antidepressant dose is so minuscule, I am noticing some things. One is that I am much more emotional than I was while taking my full dose. It is actually really nice to be able to weep again after years of feeling sort of numb. Another thing I am noticing is that my spiritual antennae are much more sensitive. I can hear and feel spiritual messages a lot more clearly.  I didn’t realize just how spiritually starved my soul was until it started feasting again. I love feeling so connected to God and Spirit again. In November of 2017, I wrote about feeling spiritually stagnant, but I definitely don’t feel stagnant anymore.


    This morning, as soon as I woke up, I was flooded with thoughts about my mission on this earth. God told me a long time ago that I was sent here to serve, uplift, and strengthen others. Throughout my 38 years, I have done my best to perform this mission in the places I have lived and through my websites and social media. But this morning I felt God calling me to hone my efforts and fulfill my mission in a more direct way. I felt God directing me to serve individuals one-on-one. I felt God communicating to me that this ministering will be part of my healing, that I will not be able to receive the gifts and blessings I long for without this service, that it will help me to heal just as I help others heal.

    So what will this look like? I am not entirely sure just yet. But I have been given a few particulars. I suppose I will be what you might call a “doula for life challenges” or a “life coach.” Life coach is probably easier for most people to wrap their minds around. One particular detail I have been spiritually impressed to ensure is that I will be doing this pro bono. This is a service to God and to my human family. So, in other words, I won’t be charging any money.

    Today I put together a sort of résumé to represent who I am, what I can offer, and how to contact me. I will insert it below. [Click to view larger.]

    Lani Axman Resume 2019

    Please share this blogpost or my résumé with any women you feel might benefit from the ministering I am offering. These could be people experiencing a variety of challenges, including (but not limited to):

    • Depression or anxiety
    • Death of a loved one
    • Difficult pregnancy
    • Chronic pain
    • Stress of motherhood
    • Fertility issues
    • Traumatic past events
    • Marriage trouble
    • Health challenges
    • Family schisms

    inhuman strengthIt is my preference to serve people face to face, so I would like to focus my efforts on people living in the Phoenix area. But I am also open to ministering to people via phone, text, and email if that is what the Spirit directs.

    This morning when I felt prompted to plunge forward with this, a part of me felt a little unqualified. I am still dealing with my own challenges and difficulties. What makes me think I have anything to teach anyone else? I don’t necessarily have the answers for anyone. I can make no promises about fixing or saving or healing anyone.

    All I can offer is my compassionate heart, my spiritual gifts, and the hope that (with the help of God and angels) my efforts will make a small difference in whatever darkness you may be facing.



    Send me a message if you feel led to connect. It would be my honor to serve you and my hope that our connection will bring comfort and peace to you.

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