Kundalini Yoga

DSC_0053Meditation is one of the most secret, most sacred doors through which we pass into the presence of the Lord. -David O. McKay

What is Kundalini Yoga?

The sacred kriyas and meditations that make up Kundalini Yoga have been preserved for thousands of years. They were handed down through a royal, priestly lineage from master to student, but only after the student had proven himself trustworthy. This practice kept the technology from being misused or diluted by a corrupt world that was not ready for it.

When practiced regularly, this sacred technology quickly and easily awakens our true divine natures. Yogi Bhajan said, “Just remember that when you uncoil the kundalini, it is the same as the natural awakening of our potential. It is the same as what you call ‘God Consciousness’ or what you call ‘Christ Consciousness.’ It means you bring that awareness actively into your life.” With this awakening flows health, energy, joy, healing and the strength and purity to stand in the presence of God.

There is no harm for any man or woman letting the mind expand to lay hold upon all that God has revealed, and to ponder upon it, as the ancient children of God did. . . . When we have prepared ourselves by getting all the knowledge we possibly can from that which is written, God will give us more. -Orson Pratt

About Yogi Bhajan

2015-03-04 04.08.53 pmWhen Yogi Bhajan came to America in 1968, he was one of the highest living masters of Kundalini Yoga. Breaking the centuries-old tradition of secrecy surrounding the science of Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan began teaching it publicly. In explaining his reasons for breaking with tradition, Yogi Bhajan stated, “We are in the desert, and I have some water.” He was also familiar with the scriptures and yogic prophecies, and he knew that the world was about to enter a new age where people would need Kundalini Yoga to sustain themselves and survive the calamities that would precede the Thousand Years of Peace. He was sharing the technology for the future. Yogi Bhajan’s motto: “If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all.”

Why Kundalini Yoga?

All types of yoga will be beneficial, but the yogic scriptures explain that Kundalini Yoga is the fastest way to create enlightenment and transformation. Of the 22+ major types of yoga, each emphasizes some facet of the whole, like the facets of a diamond. Hatha Yoga focuses on bodily form, Laya Yoga emphasizes mantra, etc. Kundalini Yoga is the diamond itself, encompassing all the most effective yogic practices (postures, mantra, breath, meditation, visualization, devotion to God, discipline, etc.). Yogi Bhajan explained, “In yoga this is how it is: twelve years of Hatha Yoga, plus six years of Raja Yoga, plus three years of Mantra Yoga, plus one year of Laya Yoga is equal to the effect of just one complete year of Kundalini Yoga.”

Some Vocabulary

  • Kundalini= The latent divine potential of the human being, which when dormant lies coiled at the base of the spine.
  • Kriya= It means: an action that leads to completeness. A sequence of postures or yogic techniques.
  • Mudra= Hand position that moves or seals energy.
  • Mantra= Literally a thought (man) instrument (tra).
  • Gurmukhi= The language of many of the Kundalini mantras. The word ‘gurmukhi’ literally means “from the mouth of the guru.”

Classes, Workshops, and Retreats

Click HERE to see a schedule of my upcoming Kundalini Yoga classes, workshops, and retreats.


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