Guided Imagery

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Nothing contained on my website or discussed in therapeutic guided imagery sessions should be considered medical advice. Please do your own research about everything you read/hear and consult with the medical professionals who oversee your health about your concerns.

What is Guided Imagery?

In brief, as a therapeutic guided imagery facilitator, I can help another person come into a relaxed comfort state where we can use the mind/imagination to visualize or imagine a limitless variety of experiences and possibilities and find comfort and healing. Guided imagery isn’t just a sort of woo-woo feel-good hippy trip. It is shown through scientific research to be beneficial in a wide variety of circumstances for a wide variety of physical and emotional difficulties. The Journal of Instructional Psychology explains:

Guided imagery is a flexible intervention whose efficacy has been indicated through a large body of research over many decades in counseling and allied fields. It has earned the right to be considered a research-based approach to helping. (Guided Imagery as an Effective Therapeutic Technique: A Brief Review of Its History and Efficacy Research)

For instance, in a recent pilot study published in Holistic Nursing Practice looking at the effect of guided imagery on stress levels of hospitalized pregnant women, the results were promising:

Mean stress and systolic blood pressure measurements postintervention were significantly lower than mean levels before listening to the guided imagery CD. All participants identified benefits of this holistic intervention. The study provides preliminary evidence that a guided imagery intervention may be effective in reducing maternal stress in hospitalized pregnant women and supports the feasibility of conducting a randomized clinical trial to further support incorporating this intervention into care.

Girls with Wings2-1There is nothing quite like entering the imagery state. It feels awesome (you can do anything you want!), and it is a powerfully effective way to reduce the effects of trauma and emotional baggage really quickly.

If you’d like to learn more about guided imagery and listen to some sample imagery journeys, check out the podcast I co-host with Felice Austin: Girls with Wings: Getting Carried Away.

Experience It for Yourself

I often offer group guided imagery journeys at the end of my yoga classes. Click HERE to see my calendar. If you’d like to set up a private guided imagery session, contact me at laniaxman at

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  1. Debbie G says:

    Can guided imagery be done at a long distance, say over the phone? If so, I could use this modality and are you up for that?

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