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lanifaceshotWelcome! I’m so glad you found your way here.

My name is Lani Axman. But my yoga students know me as Harsimrit Kaur, and the five little people I spend most of my time with call me Mom. I am a book author, Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator, KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, phytophile, and an active Mormon. I have lived in the Phoenix, AZ area for eleven years.

If you read nothing else I have to say, please at least read this: You are holy, divine, and deeply loved. You are a tower of strength. Every day that you’re still alive, you are triumphing.

I have struggled deeply at times to want to be alive. I have known deep darkness and despair. But I chose to cling to tiny glimmers of hope, and I chose to stay, no matter how painful it was to live each day. Living with darkness is not weakness. Living in the face of darkness requires almost-inhuman strength. Fortunately, staying alive is no longer a struggle for me. I am grateful… every day… that I chose to hope, to stay, to live.

inhuman strength

My blog’s title, Magdala Rising, was inspired by something I learned from my friend Heather’s book. She wrote:

While we don’t know the details of Mary Magdalene’s infirmity, we might deduce based on what we know of the others whom Christ healed from evil spirits that she was tormented with some sort of mental infirmity. The fact that she had seven devils cast out of her suggests that her infirmity may have been severe (p. 77).

mmad_tombeIn her book, Heather explains that Christ called Mary “Magdalene” (meaning “tower of strength”) probably in much the same way that he called Simon “Peter” (meaning “rock”). After her healing, Mary became a devoted follower of Christ and a likely “tower of strength” to those around her, including Christ Himself. Of all the people Christ could have appeared to immediately after His resurrection, He chose Mary Magdalene.

Being a woman who has struggled with “mental infirmities,” I gather peace from Mary’s remarkable recovery. If Christ can turn an infirm and darkness-plagued Mary into a “tower of strength,” maybe then there is hope for all of us? Mary Magdalene, the original “Tower of Strength” is one of my heroes.

I would be honored to serve you in any way I can. God told me long ago what I was sent here to do—search after those who are in need of the “special care and tender touches” I can give them. This website is one way I am trying to do just that. You can reach me at laniaxman@gmail.com or through my facebook page.

Sat Nam (I recognize the divinity within you), dear Friend.



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  1. S/ says:

    Can the stories be anonymous? How to submit if OK? Is this just for women? Thank you. S.

    • Lani Axman says:

      Absolutely! You can email them to me still, and I would just have “name withheld” in the book. I definitely want stories from men. I only have one so far and would love more!

  2. Lani: How wonderful to discover you and your site. I too, am LDS and have loved yoga especially kundalini yoga and meditation for many years. I especially love Yogi Baghan’s teachings for women; they are profoundly empowering and ennobling and LDS women especially can benefit.

    I too, see deep parallels between energy work, the chakras and meridians and LDS practices, including temple ritual.

    We should connect!

    Blessings and love to you,

  3. Jot Prakash Kaur says:

    Sat Nam, Harsimrit! I am recovering from a decade of darkness caused mostly by a virulent case of chronic pancreatitis. Much depression was included, it’s hard to talk about much of it. The turn around for me came during an attack which involved many long, hard hours of intense, painful nausea and violent retching. I cried out that I would be no more a victim, but a survivor! I had no idea how I would accomplish the change but I knew that the declaration was the start. I’ve come a long, long way since then, but I have much farther to go! I have just committed myself to 100 days of meditation, focused on Kirtan Kriya. This is my re-start after nearly four months off following my initial 88 days – I am so charged up! I would love to tell you more privately, see my email address above.

    Wahe Guru!

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